gear, vehicle rear bridge and gearbox production project
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  1. About Hengyi

Qingzhou Hengyi machinery Co., Ltd. immediately adjoins Jiaoji Railway and Jiqing Freeway, with a favorablegeographical position, convenient transportation and full communication facilities. The company’s assets amount to 120 million Yuan with 96 million Yuan of fixed assets. The company is engaged in manufacturing and selling gear, vehicle rear bridge and gear box, yielding 145 million Yuan in 2011.  

II. Item description

Seated at Dongxia in Qingzhou, the company with an area of 80 mu constructs 23 000 square meters of workshops and 2 000 square meters of office buildings, replaces old equipment with new equipment and concentrates on production of gear, vehicle rear bridge, gearbox, etc.

III.Total investment and economic benefit analysis

The total investment of the project is expected to be 120 million Yuan.

The annual production of the project will be 65 000 car accessories as gear, vehicle rear bridge, gearbox, etc. The yield in 2012 is expected to reach 800 000, the ratio between production and marketing will be 100% and its products will be sold all over the country. After completion, the annual value will amount to 200 million Yuan with 12 million Yuan of taxes and 16 million Yuan of profits.

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