aluminum alloy auto sheet project
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I.About Sanyuan

Seated at Anqiu economic and technical development zone,Weifang Sanyuan aluminum industry Co., Ltd. specializes in the manufacture of “aluminum alloy composite materials for heat transfer”, covering an area of 129 mu. The company has an existing staff of 260, more than 40 of whom are engineers and technicians. The company is engaged in manufacturing and outfitting aluminum melting furnace, holding furnace, large aluminum pig casting machine, surface milling machine, hot mill, cold-rolling mill, heating furnace, annealing furnace, bending straightening machine, cross-cutting and slitting equipment, etc. The main testing equipment is: import direct-reading spectrograph, universal testing machine, metallographic microscope, coated rate detector, salt spraying tester, cupping testing machine, etc. The company went into production in 2006 and has had a production capacity of 40 000 tons of aluminum alloy composite materials per year now.

The company invested more than 60 million Yuan in independent research and development of a set of mature heat transfer aluminum alloy composite material production technology, getting a patent for this national invention. The project has passed the test on scientific & technical findings in Shandong province, and its main performance indices have reached international advanced levels. The company has won the title of hi-tech enterprise, and its products are included in the list of provincial independent innovative products, the national torch plan and national key new products. 

II. Item description

The project with an area of 260 mu constructs an assembly line of an annual yield of 50 000 tons of aluminum alloy auto sheet, 80 000 square meters of workshops and related facilities.

III. Total investment and economic benefit analysis

The project totally invests 636.9 million Yuan, 600 million Yuan in fixed assets, 410 million Yuan in main equipment, and 73 million Yuan in building engineering.

After completion, the project will realize 1.5 billion Yuan of sales revenue, 170 million Yuan of taxes and 130 million Yuan of profits. The investment recovery period will be 5 years.


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